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Identifying and appointing a new board member is only the first step in what you hope will be a mutually rewarding relationship. The next important step is assisting the new board member(s) to become engaged in the work of the board right away and to serve as a committed ambassador and advocate for your board’s mission.

J&A will provide an introductory course on the fundamentals of serving on a board – specifically, an economic development board.  We will discuss leadership development and expectations of service on the board and the differences between the roles and responsibilities of the board and staff.  This two-hour course is designed to be a basic course and can easily be combined with our Board Development course with the full board later that same day.

“Whether you have new members that are joining the Board, a Board that needs to better understand their role vs. that of the staff, or other specific internal issues that need to be addressed in order for the Board to effectively operate, we can deliver a training program that produces results,” notes Melissa Woodall, J&A Senior Vice President.

To learn more about Board Development services and availability, contact Melissa at or (817) 999-8387.

Melissa Woodall, CMSM, Senior Vice President, Johnson & Associates

The J&A team will work closely with your staff and leadership to design a Custom and Unique Program that meets your specific goals for your retreat.

To learn more about Board Orientation or Board Retreat services and availability, please contact Melissa at

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