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Carlton Schwab Interviews Chloe Johnson in Podcast

//Carlton Schwab Interviews Chloe Johnson in Podcast

Mark Your Calendar For 2:00 PM (CDT), September 13, 2018. Conversations with Carlton Podcast features J&A Founder & CEO Chloe Johnson

On Thursday, September 13th at 2:00 p.m., Johnson & Associates’ (J&A) Founder, Chloe R. Johnson will join Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) President/CEO Carlton Schwab for the TEDC sponsored podcast Conversations with Carlton. As founder of Texas’ first community and economic development firm, Chloe has spent the last 32 years working to facilitate executive searches for communities, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development and Community Development organizations as well as providing board and strategic planning services to clients throughout the US.

Here is a little bit of fun trivia that you may not know: In 1999, it was Chloe and J&A that worked with the TEDC Board to identify the skill sets needed in their next President/CEO. From that process, J&A conducted a nationwide search and the Board selected Carlton to lead the TEDC!
We invite you to tune in to enjoy the stories, laughs and conversation between Carlton and Chloe on September 13 at 2:00 p.m. And thank you, TEDC and Carlton for inviting Chloe to join you for this fun visit!

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