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Good vs Great Boards

//Good vs Great Boards

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between a good organization and a great organization? Often it is the leadership provided by the Board and how the Board interacts with the CEO/Executive Director of the organization. Knowing the roles, responsibilities and expectations of each can help the organization avoid difficulties as it grows and faces the inevitable challenges that any change agent organization confronts.

With an investment of only four hours, Johnson and Associates can help your organizations Board of Directors become refocused, recharged and committed to taking your organization to the status of one of the great or elite boards. “Whether you have new members that are joining the Board, a Board that needs to better understand their role vs. that of the staff or other specific internal issues that need to be addressed in order for the Board to effectively operate, we can deliver a training program that produces results,” notes Melissa Woodall, J&A Senior Vice President.

This training module is ideal not just for experienced boards, but also for boards that have new members joining the team. To learn more about Board Training services and availability, please contact Melissa at or at 817-999-8387.

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