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Bringing 20 years of success stories in International Development, Steve Vassallo, CEcD/EDFP has joined J&A as its International Business Consultant.

“Working with Chloe and the entire J&A Team in this capacity is tremendously exciting for me and I believe our clients will be especially excited when they see what all our deliverables are. Forming international alliances and pursuing FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) has been a passion of mine ever since entering the Economic Development profession”, stated Vassallo.

Vassallo will be facilitating meetings with communities to address how to enter this potentially powerful aspect of Economic Development. He will outline the approaches that work in forming foreign alliances for economic partnerships as well as contracting with communities to actually establish these types of relationships.

“With 95% of the world’s buying power outside of US borders, communities that do not incorporate global alliances are making strategic mistakes of the greatest measure”, added Vassallo.

Steve has enjoyed significant success in the international arena as recently as October 2013 when he brought a Chinese project to Louisiana that could potentially reach the $4B level of investment should it develop as planned.

“This all started in June, 2012 when I established an Economic Alliance between Weihai, China and Terrebonne Parish, LA. This has been the only alliance of its kind between mainland China and a Louisiana Parish and I was thrilled to be the architect that made it all come together.”

Previously Vassallo has performed projects in the countries of Holland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, The Galápagos Islands, and most recently China.

In 1998, the alliance he forged between Solleftea, Sweden and Madison, MS was named the “Best First Year Program Worldwide” by Sister Cities International. In 2001, Steve formed the Scandinavian American Economic Development Alliance (a multi-state organization) which he served as President for 7 years. He has been previously written about in numerous publications for Economic Development success stories including the WALL STREET JOURNAL.

In 1993, Steve opened the Economic Development office in McKinney, Texas and has worked with multiple communities including many in Texas.

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