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Mission and Vision Statement Development

/Mission and Vision Statement Development
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Your organization’s mission statement is a declaration of your core purpose and focus and will likely remain unchanged over time. However, your vision statement describes how you will achieve the mission statement and may change from time to time.

If you are a new organization, the J&A team will work with you to craft a mission statement that reflects the priorities of your organization and community as well as communicate the sense of the intended direction. We will then work with you to develop a supporting vision statement.

For mature organizations, J&A will work with your organization to evaluate your existing mission statement, evaluate its integration into your programming and planning efforts and work to update, if needed, your vision statement to reflect current conditions in the community.

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Mission Statement

Johnson & Associates’ mission is to deliver the best in Executive Recruiting. Our Team Talk and other communication programs assist teams in achieving their goals. Our Associates provide Community Economic Development counseling and direction at affordable rates.

Our Pledge & Promise

Our pledge is to remain the most professional and ethical Executive Recruiter and Community Economic Development firm in the United States today. We will never vary from our pledge to provide exceptional service for the communities we serve.