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~ October 2016 ~

With a rich history of commerce and the abundant natural beauty of the river, hills, and wildlife along with its great year-round climate, Kerrville, Texas is a jewel of a place. Kerrville is the hub of everything that makes the Hill Country wonderful!

We are looking forward to your candidacy and are anxious to share all that the Texas Hill Country has to offer!

Meanwhile, in Kentucky…the Kyndle Selection Committee has chosen their finalists! Stay Tuned for more!

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~ Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce Seeks Leadership! ~
~ Live and Work in the Texas Hill Country! ~

The Organization

With over 90 years of history behind them, the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce has become a 4 Star Accredited Organization.

Whether the focus has been on tourism, transportation, industrial development or community development, the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce has played an active and important role in the growth of Kerrville and Kerr County. Membership in the Chamber exceeds 900 members and continues to be a “must-have investment” for businesses looking to become involved in economic development for the region.

One thing has remained constant for over 90 years; businesses, organizations and individuals have continued their memberships in the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce and as we look ahead to the future, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in Kerrville…It’s All Right Here!

Vision of the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce

We the Chamber wish to preserve the natural beauty and rich heritage of the Hill Country by encouraging responsible commerce and thoughtful, progressive growth by promoting opportunities for all citizens and future generations. 

POPULATION: 23,000 City
50,000 County

Mission of the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce exists to strengthen and improve the greater Kerrville area business community in order to promote the economic well-being of our citizens.

BUDGET: $600,000

Known for breath-taking views, beautiful parks and abundant recreational activities, our unique city has long been recognized as one of the healthiest area of Texas, offering an active life style with many fun and exciting things to do.

On April 14, 1689, Alonso De Leon (1639 — 1691), Spanish explorer and governor, began exploring westward in Texas and discovered a river of rare beauty lined with giant cypress trees, native walnut and pecan trees. De Leon named the river “Our Lady of Guadalupe.” He reported that the banks of the river were covered with good timber.

In 1848 Brown and his followers returned. This time they remained, naming their settlement Brownsborough.  A number of settlers followed, establishing sawmills and farms along the river and various streams. At the request of Joshua Brown, the name of Brownsboro was changed to Kerrsville, for his friend and fellow veteran of the Texas Revolution, Major James Kerr. Kerrsville became the county seat and later the “s” was dropped and the town became “Kerrville.”

In 1856, Kerr County was authorized by a new legislative act that the new county be named in honor of “James Kerr, the first American settler on the Guadalupe River. But Kerr County could have been logically named Brown County for the first settler of Kerr County, Joshua Brown (1816-1874).

The name Kerr honors soldier, statesman and surveyor, Major James Kerr, born in Kentucky on September 21, 1790. Josh Brown was a close friend of the Kerr’s and a settler of Gonzales, a settlement that Kerr had founded.

Kerrville, and the surrounding area, is loaded with historical sites where events occurred that have shaped the history of Kerrville. Kerrville’s healthful climate, its wildlife and scenery gave rise to tourism. After the 1940s the area attracted a new generation of postwar “living city but thinking and singing country” Texans.

Kerrville has displayed steady growth to the present day. The town’s economic base has diversified and broadened through business, agriculture, light manufacturing, health care, transportation services, education, the arts and tourism. By the mid-1990s the Wall Street Journal described Kerrville as one of the wealthiest small towns in America. more..


Kerrville is located in central Texas, 104 miles west of Austin. Kerrville is 65 miles from San Antonio, 306 miles from Dallas, and 248 miles from Houston. It is in the heart of the Hill country with streams and rugged terrain and the rolling hills of the Guadalupe River Valley.

A rich history of commerce and the abundant natural beauty of the river, hills, and wildlife along with its great year-round climate make Kerrville, Texas a jewel of a place. It is perfectly situated for business and fun. Kerrville is the hub of everything that makes the Hill Country wonderful—shopping, dining, education, healthcare and lodging. It is The Destination for outdoor activities and entertainment. Sports and recreational facilities abound.

Kerrville is a welcoming, safe place for everyone and a great contrast to suburban and urban America. The educational opportunities in Kerrville, public and private—from pre-school programs to college post-graduate, trade and vocational training and life-long learning are remarkable. These institutions open doors for everyone and make this a thriving community to live, work and visit.

Home to world-class artists, artisans and performers, Kerrville has vibrant performing arts, folk art, art and music venues, restaurants, shops, museums and galleries compare to Texas’s largest cities. Diverse fine and casual dining and local specialties are offered in a rich array in the Kerrville area. Local wineries and craft agriculture combine to make the area an adventure in sights, flavors and aromas.

Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce
Kerr County
City of Kerrville
Kerrville ISD
Convention & Visitors Bureau
Our View – Guide To Kerrville and Kerr County Area

Candidate Evaluation Criteria

Critical to the success of the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce is a President and CEO who has the relevant educational and career background to meet Board expectations.

Responsibilities & Activities

 The President and CEO will provide leadership, fiscal and personnel management, planning, membership development, reporting and coordination of all administrative operations, programming and activities of the Chamber. Must be the Voice of the Chamber, assuming an active role in organizations as liaison to all constituent groups and other partner organizations including but not limited to: KEDC, CVB, City of Kerrville and Kerr County.

The qualified candidate will be expected to develop an understanding of the local business community and business environment including economic development.

  • Membership Development: Recruit and retain chamber members and insure that activities are member focused and done for the benefit of the business community.
  • General Administration and Budget Preparation: Provide necessary leadership to ensure that the Organization is managed in an efficient and effective manner; draft for consideration and then administer the approved annual budget.
  • Policy: Operate within and advance the policies established by the Chamber Board of Directors.
  • Communication Skills: Experienced and compelling public speaker, an excellent listener, outstanding writer, and strong interpersonal communicator to small and large group settings. Provide clear and timely communications so that the board, membership and all appropriate constituents are fully informed of activities, positions taken, and the condition of the Chamber is clearly known.
  • Program Development and Oversight: Develop programs that align with the Chamber’s mission and that benefit the Chamber, Chamber members and the business community. Develop a strategy, defining long and short term objectives of the organization, setting priorities for resources, anticipating problems, formulating and adjusting policies, and revising planning efforts as necessary.
  • Oversight of: building, grounds and lease space management.
  • Staff Management: Hire, set compensation with Board approved budget parameters and establish terms of employment for, direct the activities of, evaluate and manage employees of the Chamber.
 Key Tasks and Abilities:
The President and CEO must be able to perform or manage the following tasks or have the stated abilities in order to effectively fulfill the aforementioned responsibilities:
  • Decision Making: Demonstrate self-motivation and initiative with the ability to work with the Board of Directors as needed.  Make judgments on disputed issues, decisions under time pressures that reflect adequate evaluation and consultation with others, resulting in positive impacts on the community and the welfare of our residents.
  • Marketing:  Develop strategic and proactive plans annually that positively present the community. Proactively present the community, location opportunities and the area’s economic benefits to existing and prospective employers. Make strategic contact with existing and prospective employers within and outside the community in order to assist in their decision-making relative to location, relocation and/or expansion.
Have the ability to continually focus on achieving positive, concrete results that contribute to the continued success of the Kerrville Area;
  • Seek ways to overcome competitive challenges and develop opportunities;
  • Proven consensus builder managing diverse viewpoints to an effective, positive solution;
  • Maximizes collaboration and shares credit and successes among partners and stakeholders;
  • Skilled in idea generation, is committed to achieving outcomes, and consistently produces results based on those ideas;
  • Networker that builds collaborative and productive relationships with others both and maintains a wide network of contacts that can be leveraged on behalf of the organization goals;
  • Strategic visionary thinker who is able to set sights on a new future, constantly identifying the challenges, threats and opportunities that exist in the environment, able to think differently about how the environment and businesses operate and look for new ways to solve these problems;
  • Must have the ability to work toward successful solutions without being political;

Work Environment Behavior Requirements

Rewards those who value practical accomplishments, results and rewards for
their investments of time, resources and energy.
Rewards those who value knowledge for knowledge’s sake, continuing
education and intellectual growth.
Rewards those who value personal recognition, freedom and control over their
own destiny and others.
The job requires a strong “people orientation,” versus a task orientation. The job
will comfortably deal with multiple interruptions on a continual basis, always
maintaining a friendly interface with others.
The job calls for a high level of optimism and a “can do” orientation. It will
require multiple talents and a willingness to adapt them to changing assignments
as required.
The job demands a positive and constructive view of working with others. There
will be a high percentage of time spent in listening to, understanding and
successfully working with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds to
achieve “win-win” outcomes.


  • Bachelor’s Degree Required, Master’s preferred
  • 5 years Chamber management experience or experience with an equivalent organization
  • Certified Chamber Executive is a Plus 
  • IOM Certification is a Plus
  • Demonstrated budget and fiscal management ability and experience.
  • Knowledge of nonprofit corporations and their operating laws
  • Should have strong leadership skills and be able to demonstrate from current and previous positions.
  • Should be knowledgeable about working with and development of volunteer boards of directors, leadership training for said volunteers and providing a basis for cooperation and good will within the organization.
  • Supervisory skills and demonstrated experience managing personnel and personnel issues, policy development and administration, and general operations of the Chamber program.
  • Must be a self-starter, creative thinker with a high energy level.
  • Understanding of office technology.
  • Prefer experience and understanding of the use of social media to promote programs and activities of the organization.

$80,000 DOQ   ~ Performance Based Bonus ~ Insurance  ~ Professional Organization Membership ~  Continuing Education  ~ Mileage ~ Civic Membership  ~ Relocation Assistance ~


Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, current resume and at least five work related references including contact numbers. The deadline for this position is  Friday, November 11, by 5 pm. Candidates will be asked to submit  a 2-minute video demonstrating their communication skills. Finalists will complete a thorough interview and background investigation process to include verification of all credentials and experience. Qualified finalists may expect to be required to submit to a pre-employment drug screen and criminal background check.

Submit resumes to: Johnson & Associates; c/o Kerrville Search; 8308 Tecumseh Drive; Austin, TX 78753-5745 or

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