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HendersonMcLeanUnion and Webster counties in northwestern Kentucky make up Kyndle country – where the Kentucky Network for Development, Leadership and Engagement is the shared spark for economic development, industrial recruitment and business advocacy.

Kyndle country is where southern hospitality mixes with Midwestern work ethic and the heartland’s pride in place and purpose. It’s where people are happy to see you, happy to do a good day’s work and happy to share the fruits with family, friends and neighbors.Kyndle country is where the great Ohio River meets the Green River in a nexus of interstate highway, rail, air and water transportation options. One day’s drive puts your product on the doorstep of two-thirds of the population of the United States.

Kyndle country is where nearby Evansville, Ind., has big city amenities in entertainment and commercial air travel while Kyndle’s communities celebrate their small town and rural lifestyles and are able to offer all the advantages of running a business or locating an industry in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Kyndle also serves as the chamber of commerce for Henderson County while supporting the efforts of chambers in the other three counties and working to advance educational excellence, top quality healthcare and our many diverse opportunities to enjoy sports and outdoor recreation, entertainment and the arts.

Walking trails along the scenic Ohio River, numerous festivals plus a vibrant downtown provide many amenities one would expect to find only in a large city. From special events and festivals, to Museums, Art, Culture as well as a host of opportunities to get back to nature can all be found 

Discover why famed ornithologist John James Audubon chose Henderson as the place to paint and study birds. A few attractions offered are the John James Audubon State park and Museum, Farmer & Frenchman Winery/Vineyard, Ellis Park Race Course and the Riverfront Children’s Fountains, to name a few.


Henderson, KY: Find Your Nature

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Transportation Abounds 

  Henderson County
  McLean County
  Union County
  Webster County
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City of Henderson
Henderson County School District
Henderson County Riverport Authority 

Historic Henderson, home of four Kentucky governors, occupies part of a 200,000 acre land grant deeded in 1778 to the Richard Henderson Land Company by the state of Virginia. Originally, Colonel Henderson and others had purchased from the Cherokee Indians the territory containing some 17,000,000 acres of land, which included most of the area that is now Kentucky. This purchase was voided by the Virginia legislature. Subsequently, the 200,000 acre tract was granted to Richard Henderson and Company in recognition of the $50,000 paid by the original land company to the Cherokee Indian in the Treaty of Watagua. Land in that grant is included in the present boundary of Henderson County. (
The Kentucky Network for Development, Leadership and Engagement (Kyndle) merges the business support and industrial recruitment efforts of the former Henderson – Henderson County Chamber of Commerce and Northwest Kentucky Forward. Kyndle serves as the chamber of commerce for Henderson County while supporting the efforts of chambers in McLean, Union and Webster counties. Kyndle’s ever sharp focus is on the growth and prosperity of the region and its people. Kyndle also provides economic development and industrial recruitment leadership for the citizens, businesses and governments of Henderson, McLean, Union and Webster counties in northwestern Kentucky.The bottom line is — Kentucky is open for business. Whether a company is looking for a competitive tax climate, progressive incentive programs, an ideal location, or an unsurpassed quality of life, Kentucky offers the “can-do” workforce and business climate companies

Kyndle will be recognized as Kentucky’s most successful economic development and business organization.

Kyndle provides information, services, advocacy and economic development expertise for our stakeholders and communities in Henderson, Webster, Union and McLean Counties.

Kyndle is community-driven, reliable, energetic, connected and transparent. Kyndle is collaborative, open-minded, educated 


The Northwest Kentucky region served by Kyndle includes Henderson,  McLeanUnion and Webster counties and their total population of more than 90,000. Northwest Kentucky employers draw from a three-state Metropolitan Statistical  Area with a total  workforce of 300,000.

Kentucky is not only friendly to business. Its more laid-back lifestyle is a big reason why the Bluegrass State is among the leaders when it comes to raising a family, finding work and living year-round in a place where millions love to visit and vacation. The state offers one of the nation’s lowest costs of living, housing costs nearly 30 percent lower than the national average, low taxes and amazing postcard-quality scenery. The friendly, hard-working people of Kentucky possess an unbridled spirit that can literally boost companies’ bottom line. Recreational activities are endless. From the rolling bluegrass-covered hills of legendary Horse Country and the grandstands of America’s most storied thoroughbred racing tracks to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and world-renowned outdoor adventure, it’s easy to experience the unbridled spirit that runs throughout the Bluegrass State. The state’s cities, towns and regions allow visitors and residents an opportunity to discover incredible one-of-a kind attractions, unique traditions and culture, and an unabated energy that can be seen, heard and felt in everything from metropolitan nightlife to small town festivals and events.

The Kyndle region has some of the lowest energy costs in the nation! It’s home to 12 certified industrial parks  and sites  offering more than 6,400 acres of industrial property.

Northwest Kentucky has a diverse economy including numerous industries such as aluminum production, automotive  and appliance parts, plastic injection molding, tool and die making, food processing, recycled materials processing and  coal mining. With its flat to rolling countryside and mild climate, Northwest Kentucky produces more than half of the  state’s soybeans and corn as well as 60  percent of its wheat crop.
The Evansville-Henderson MSA includes excellent healthcare and educational choices plus abundant opportunities to  enjoy shopping, the arts, entertainment and 

Population:      90,000 ~  MSA ~ 4 County Region                                                         Budget: $  750,000
Reports To: Board of Directors and its committees.       Staff: Kyndle has 5 full-time and 3 part-time staff.
Primary Objective: The Kyndle President and CEO is the “face” of the region’s economic development programs to its citizenry, business prospects and outside agencies.   With a strong manufacturing sector including metals, logistics, prepared foods and automotive, the President and CEO must foster a close working relationship with the existing leadership in the 4 counties Kyndle serves. The President and CEO also provides leadership to the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and supports the other regional chambers.The Kyndle organization and region are both well-positioned for new levels of success. Provide strong leadership to the Organization in the achievement of community and economic development goals. An experienced leader with a proven record of impacting tax base and  job growth resulting in new employment opportunities, per capita income growth greater than the national average is required.

Candidate Evaluation Criteria

Critical to the success of Kyndle is a President and CEO who has the relevant educational and career background to meet region 

Responsibilities & Activities
  • Community Engagement: Assume an active role in organizations, institutions and activities existing within the region, as well as with any newly formed organization, institutions, or activities.  Be visible and an accessible personality within the community.
  • Organizational Leadership:  Provide leadership to the Economic Development Corporation and foster collaboration with other community development organizations.
  • Community Development: Focus on future and sustainable growth in the areas of work force education, infrastructure, quality of life, industrial site development, technology access and upgrade, and job training reflective of community needs.
  • Finance: Identify and assess funding opportunities for both economic and community development.  Identify opportunities, challenges and the ability to support organizational growth to ensure the viability of the organization and supporting sustainable growth within the community.
  • Communication/Marketing and Sales: Build support, both internally and externally, for the Organization.  Develop a well-defined strategy for marketing the community to commercial, retail and industrial prospects. Work with prospect companies to attract their investment and location to the area. Work closely and communicate with the staff and boards of partnering entities. 
  • Business Retention and Expansion: Identify issues and opportunities relative to existing businesses, their sustainability and expansion, and formulate plans to address them.  
  • Analysis: Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the community and area economy on an annual basis and develop strategies that will capitalize on the strengths and eliminate or reduce the weaknesses.
Key Tasks and Abilities:
The President and CEO must be able to perform or manage the following tasks or have the stated abilities in order to effectively fulfill the aforementioned responsibilities:
  • General Administration and Budget Preparation: Provide necessary leadership to ensure that the Organization is managed in an efficient and effective manner; draft for consideration and then administer the approved annual budget.
  • Relationship Building/Public Relations: Officiate at public ceremonies and in other venues, informing the general public about the EDC’s activities, speaking publicly, representing the Organization at trade shows and similar events.   Establish rapport with new contacts and a network of allies.  Work closely with the Board of Directors and members of local organizations and agencies.
  • Planning: Develop a strategy, defining long and short term objectives of the organization, setting priorities for resources, anticipating problems, formulating and adjusting policies, and revising planning efforts as necessary.
  • Decision Making: Demonstrate self-motivation and initiative with the ability to work with the Board of Directors as needed.  Make judgments on disputed issues, decisions under time pressures that reflect adequate evaluation and consultation with others, resulting in positive impacts on the community and the welfare of our residents.
  • Marketing:  Develop strategic and proactive plans annually that positively present the community. Proactively present the community, location opportunities and the area’s economic benefits to existing and prospective employers. Make strategic contact with existing and prospective employers within and outside the community in order to assist in their decision-making relative to location, relocation and/or expansion.
  • Written Communications: Prepare required written reports and other documents as necessary in a timely and easily understandable manner. Prepare grant applications or assist others in the grant writing process. Write for the public audience to create interest in the Organization and its efforts.  Prepare an annual report for dissemination to the partners and public; prepare or facilitate formal correspondence.
  • Information Management: As necessary, prepare, summarize and/or analyze statistical and narrative information.  Estimate risks of alternative courses of action.  Prepare cost and time estimates, capture and communicate complex numerical data in a business context; and edit and integrate written material.
  • Cooperating/ Acting as a Liaison: Assist partner organizations in achieving goals.  Promote cooperation among partner organizations and others.
  • Influencing/Advising: Advise the Board of Directors on policies and activities, making an effective case for action, and advising on points of procedure.
  • Evaluating: Assess the feasibility of proposed economic development projects.  Monitor progress of projects and check adherence to schedules and contractual compliance by client companies.  Evaluate written reports, numerical data, and project costs; identify problems and suggest new ideas and alternative approaches and solutions to challenges.  Assess the probability of success of a course of action, and evaluate alternative methods.
Have the ability to continually focus on achieving positive, concrete results that contribute to the business success of Kyndle.
  • Communication skills: Experienced  and compelling public speaker, an excellent listener, outstanding writer, and strong interpersonal communicator to small and large group settings. Must be comfortable interacting with the news media and proactive in seeking good publicity for the organization and the region.
  • Seek ways to overcome competitive challenges and develop opportunities;
  • Proven consensus builder managing diverse viewpoints to an effective, positive solution;
  • Maximizes collaboration and shares credit and successes among partners and stakeholders;
  • Skilled in idea generation, is committed to achieving outcomes, and consistently produces results based on those ideas;
  • Networker that builds collaborative and productive relationships with others both inside and outside economic development organizations, and maintains a wide network of contacts that can be leveraged on behalf of the organization goals;
  • Strategic visionary thinker who is able to set sights on a new future, constantly identifying the challenges, threats and opportunities that exist in the environment, able to think differently about how the environment and businesses operate and look for new ways to solve these problems;
  • Must have the ability to work toward successful solutions without being political;
  • and be knowledgeable in current and possible future economic development practices, trends, and other information affecting the business sector.
  • Understands competitive and economic issues; is aware of the political landscape for change and how collaborative strategies among organizations work in the marketplace.

Work Environment Behavior Requirements

Rewards those who value practical accomplishments, results and rewards for their investments of time, resources and energy.
Rewards those who value knowledge for knowledge’s sake, continuing education and intellectual growth.
Rewards those who value balance in their lives, creative self-expression, beauty and nature.
The job requires a strong “people orientation,” versus a task orientation. The job will comfortably deal with multiple interruptions on a continual basis, always maintaining a friendly interface with others.
The job calls for a high level of optimism and a “can do” orientation. It will require multiple talents and a willingness to adapt them to changing assignments as required.
The job demands a positive and constructive view of working with others. There will be a high percentage of time spent in listening to, understanding and successfully working with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds to achieve “

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 5 years Economic Development Experience with a record of success in economic development projects
  • Hands-on knowledge of current communications and technology applications
  • Excellent interpersonal and group facilitation skills
  • Job and personal satisfaction derived from employment in a position such as this in a community with the quality of life opportunities available in the area
  • Advanced degree in relevant field of study
  • Current status as a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD)or current status as an Economic Development Finance 
  • Professional (EDFP)
  • Knowledge of state and federal economic 
  • development agencies and programs is preferred                    
~ The above is intended to be a description of the general nature and level of work to be performed. This job description should not be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel in this 
$100,000 DOQ   ~ Insurance  ~ Professional Organization Membership ~  Continuing Education  ~ Car ~ Civic Membership  ~ Relocation Assistance 


Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, current resume and at least five work related references including contact numbers. The deadline for this position is  Friday, September 16, by 5 pm. Candidates will be asked to submit  a 2-minute video demonstrating their communication skills. Finalists will complete a thorough interview and background investigation process to include verification of all credentials and experience. Qualified finalists may expect to be required to submit to a pre-employment drug screen and criminal background check.

Submit resumes to: Johnson & Associates; c/o Kyndle Search; 8308 Tecumseh Drive; Austin, TX


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